What are the best belts for raw denim?


You’ve got your new jeans, and now you need to make sure they fit comfortably and stay around your waist. Picking the right belt for a pair of jeans can be challenging, especially if you plan to wear a variety of different shoes with your jeans.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when you buy a belt for a pair of jeans, especially for raw denim jeans:

  • For jeans, choose a wider belt. Thin belts are more formal and are designed for wear with a suit or dress trousers.
  • The heavier your jeans, the heavier your belt should be. For a pair of heavy raw denim jeans, a buffalo leather belt is often the best choice.
  • Match the colour of your belt to the colour of your shoes. If you wear your jeans with brown leather shoes, pick a brown leather belt. If you wear your jeans with black shoes, pick a black leather belt.
  • Choose a belt that’s at least four inches longer than your waist measurement, so you’ve got some extra belt to tuck into the belt loops on your jeans.
  • The bigger the buckle, the less formal the belt. For a casual look, choose a belt with a buckle of at least two inches width.

Need help choosing the right belt to wear with your jeans? http://mensbeltsforjeans.com has reviews of the best jeans belts for under $50 and $100, making it a useful resource if you need professional product tips.

What is the best electric shaver?

There’s nothing like a close shave, but most electric shavers (razors) fall short of shaving quite as close as most of us would like. To help you find the best electric razor, we looked at a variety of online comparisons, including this definitive guide by The Sweethome.

Amazon review data shows that the Braun Series 7 (model 760cc) is the leader in this product category, with strong reviews on Amazon and third-party reviews from product comparison websites. The model 760cc is a long-running razor that’s been on the market for several years, and it seems as if Braun has perfected the formula with this product.

Other popular options include the Braun Series 9 Model 9095cc, which is a more expensive electric razor from the same manufacturer. The Series 9 razors are significantly more costly than other Braun razors, and most reviewers claim they don’t offer quite the same level of value for money.

If you’re on a strict budget, the RemingtonF5-5800 offers a close, comfortable shave at a low price. It’s available for just over $40 on Amazon, making it one of the most cost effective electric razors on the market today. Remington has a long history and excellent quality control, meaning this cheap razor is well made and likely to last for quite a while.

Our recommendation is simple: get the Braun Series 7 (model 760cc). It’s not the cheaper electric razor on the market (although it’s also not the most expensive) and it offers the best mix of quality and affordability at under $200 on Amazon.


What are the best silicone nipple covers?

Silicone nipple covers are small adhesive covers that are worn on the breasts in place of a bra or cotton underwear. They’re designed to conceal the outline of the nipples in thin cotton clothing, sheer clothing, or any item made from a thin fabric.

Because silicone nipple covers are adhesive (sticky), they don’t require any support and don’t show any back or shoulder strap. This makes them perfect for use with backless and strapless dresses, where a traditional bra would result in unsightly, unwanted straps showing.

Nipple covers are usually used in place of an adhesive bra. Since they’re smaller and have less of an obvious profile, they’re ideal for concealing anything you don’t want to show in a thin, strapless or backless dress.

You can also use them for everyday wear, since many brands use a high quality adhesive that’s designed to last for 25+ wears.

Nipple covers are a popular product, and there are several brands currently available on the market. We looked at the most popular brands on BestNippleCovers.com to find out which silicone nipple covers offer the best mix of value for money and lasting quality:

Nippies by Bristol Six

Popular with celebrities, Nipples are what we would describe as a “premium” type of silicone nipple cover. They’re made from a hypo-allergenic silicone that’s more comfortable against the skin than the materials used for other brands, and have a long lasting adhesive that can last for 25+ uses.

Nippies come in three colors (Light, Medium and Dark) and two sizes, 3.25″ and 4.25″. At $25 per pair they are a little more expensive than other brands, but have a lot of positive reviews, making them a desirable and trusted product.

Komene Pasties

Komene Pasties aren’t quite as popular as Nippies on Amazon, but they’re still a popular and highly rated product. These pasties are available in two colors (Pink, Brown) and use a similar matte finish to Nippies, making them less likely to show through fabric than cheaper brands.

At $19-$25 depending on the current pricing, Komene Pasties are about the same price as Nippies and are a very similar product in general. The biggest disadvantage of these nipple covers are the lack of sizing options (Komene Pasties are free size, as opposed to Nippies, which are available in two sizes) and the smaller variety of color options.

DIMRS Nipple Covers

DIMRS are a little different to the two products listed above. Instead of using an adhesive, these silicone nipple covers are designed to stick to your skin using friction from clothing and the silicone material itself. If you want to wear these under a bra or tight top, DIMRS are a good choice.